Misapprehension Has Consequences

Usually Hosting Companies are ready to hold you accountable for performance after completing your order. Promises made; Once the contents, traffic and software of your website are activated, they disappear among the details that you will notice later. Many Hosting Companies realize that you are a newbie and take advantage of your easy persuasion when faced with technical terms. They sell you a plan with the promise of Unlimited Web Hosting; but in practice this is not possible and they have to accept it when you go into details.




Powerful Like A VPS

“FOZZY FAST SITE” plans are limited to an average of 300 users for the Dell R530 / 2 x E5-2630V3 / 2.4GHZ (8 CORE) and 96GB RAM. Each plan is supported with at least 1GB Ram, SSD and 1 Core processor. (It can be upgraded later or at the time of order for a very small fee). You will be guaranteed up to 1TB of Data Transfer per Month on a shared server. With “FOZZY FAST SITE” plans; you won’t get lost among thousands of neighboring sites, as many Hosting Providers do to compromise performance and increase sales.


It can be upgraded for free up to 10 TB on request. At Fozzy it doesn’t matter how you use this data transfer; streaming video or adult videos. (Please submit a ticket to the technical team for them to upgrade the data transfer).





No Hidden Terms Of Use

It doesn’t matter how you use resources on “FOZZY FAST SITE” Servers. You can even stream video when you optionally increase your SSD Storage. (Provided you monitor your processor and memory usage). Until now, no one had allowed Video streaming for Shared Hosting. Fozzy; sure of its video streaming performance even on its shared servers!





Get Your Money Back Anytime

You’ll always be safe at Fozzy. In the performance of your website so that you do not move to other Hosting Companies; From the first day to the end date, you will encounter a game-changing performance. If you still decide to make changes, you will see your money in your account within 3 days, except for the time you use it. Also, if you do not send a ticket to the Technical Support Team within 1 Year, you will be rewarded with 1 Month Hosting Gift in the second year. Because if you are experienced, you will most likely never need a Technical Support Team at Fozzy. This app is a performance demonstration of Fozzy shared hosting plans.






Try 7 Days Free If You Want

Activate trial for 7 days at no cost if you want: Without commitment and credit card information!


Don’t forget to get 10% discount with code “eu-fozzy10” This discount is not standard practice for Fozzy. Compare prices with the features available to you and you’ll be lucky even when you don’t get a discount.



Your Payment is Safe and Easy

You can also pay with the world’s safest online payment method, stripe infrastructure, which is also used by companies such as Microsoft, Uber and Spotify. If you have a working PayPal account; You can also make the payment via PayPal using your card. In cases where you cannot use a Credit or Debit Card, you can make a transfer via Bank Transfer.





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